Machine Vision
Non destructive testing of quality, sorting, recogntion, measurement etc., form the applications that can be classified as Machine Vision - that brings automation to factories and industries. . IMVVT deal with all the necessities like cameras, optics, lighting, software and control systems to cater to all types of machine vision needs.
Security, Surveillance,
And Scanning
The field of Security and Surveillance has started moving from just watching to intelligent decision making. IMVVT deal with IP Cameras, GigE Cameras, traffic application specific cameras, IP 65, IP 67 enclosures, PTZ Cameras, high end manual and motorized zoom lenses, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems, Line Scan Cameras, LPR and NPR cameras, software for Licence plate reading, pattern matching, intelligent decision making etc.
Broadcast, Sports &
Broadcast, Video, Cinema and Sports of todays world require cameras with high quality, high resolution and High speed. IMVVT deal with HD SDI and Camera Link high Speed Cameras that can be used in Vehicles and also in 3D applications. High speed cameras that cater to tracking, spotting, recognising and motion detection are available.
Image Processing
Medical Systems
Imaging plays the key role in measurement and diagnosis in medical field. All medical equipment like CT SCANs, Ultra Sound SCANs, Eye capture optical measurement devices etc use Imaging predominantly. Online Solutions deal with XRAY Cameras, XRAY Panels, Software for Medical Analysis and detection, Color CCD Cameras for EYE capture, Dental related Intra ORAL Sensors and cameras.
Agriculture & Sorting
Image based Sorting Systems for RICE, GRAINS, COFFEE, TEA, SUGAR are popular that automates the work of sorting and removing bad, poor quality, waste and dust mechanically with electronic aid. CCD/CMOS area and Line Scan Sensors and Cameras, Control Systems, Software etc.
Education Systems &
Research Solutions
Education and Research are the ever growing areas in the field of Imaging and Vision. New projects and concepts prop up new ideas in learning and also research. IMVVT provide educational systems in the form of e books, complete systems for setting up labs in Machine Vision, Biometrics, Image processing etc.
NDT, Medical &
Apart from Vision Cameras, X RAY CAMERAS play a major role in NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING in INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS, SECURITY and MEDICAL FIELD. IMVVT represent conpanies that provide area scan or line scan sensors/detectors/XRAY CAMERAS for different XRAY sources and applications.
Customization &
Online Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer innovative custom solutions in the field of IMAGING and VISION in any area like MEDICAL SECURITY, DEFENSE, RESEARCH, SPACE, MANUFACTURING etc. to exceed your next generation requirements.
Specialized Products
Products that are Integrated in to systems for specific tasks or components that are to be semi custom made for applications and projects can be classified as specialized products. These products would help OEMs to create their own products.

Welcome to Imvvt

IMVVT – Image Video Vision Technologies is a firm in Singapore that caters to the field of Imaging Vision and Video by providing components and solutions towards different requirements for customers all over Asia.

IMVVT distributes few completed solutions and products including e-books that are sold world wide. IMVVT is a five year old firm registered in Singapore.

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Security products for Number Plate recognition and Under Vehicle Scanning released for OEM